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You are meeting with a potential client. You are ready to present yourself: competent; professional; friendly; prepared to handle whatever challenges the client has to offer. The meeting goes well; the client agrees that he'd like to work with you, and waits for you to give him your card with all your contact information on it so that you can take your relationship to the next step.

If you don't have a business card, you're not doing business.

Nussmeier has been providing printing services for attorneys and other professionals for decades. We know that professional stationery and paper materials are essential to doing business. Even in today's so-called paperless offices, professionals need basics. The business card is the first element of how you present yourself when you're conducting business.

Your business card is a small portable showcase for your office. The information imparted on your business card is in more than just the words printed on it. Your choice of type; the logo you've designed; the method you use to print; the very kind of paper you choose - all these elements speak volumes about your company and how you conduct yourself. You want your business card to send a certain message about your business. A law firm wants to convey stability, reliability, and legal skill. Someone who handles fine luxury items wants his or her card to send the message that they understand quality and are attuned to the subtleties that distinguish the good from the best. A business card is a small token that travels from your base of operations out into the world, and it is essential to your company that its business card reflects the business accurately.

Nussmeier understands this and will work with you to design and print a card that says what you want it to say. Our experienced design and printing staff can answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the selection and printing process. You may simply be looking for new supplies of an old, cherished design that has historical value for your company, in which case we will happily provide you with high-quality cards that preserve your beloved image. In some cases, a company feels it wants to update its corporate image, or slightly re-vamp an old design that feels tired. Nussmeier can assist with this process as well, and will understand the significance of every step you take. No design or printing decision is taken lightly at Nussmeier.

A company's business card is often the first document relating to a business that a potential client or customer sees. Isn't it vital that it send the right message? The best card for your business is the card that brings you more business. For assistance with that process, phone Nussmeier Engraving at 812-425-1339 or email us at snussmeier@nussmeier.com.

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