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Most business people recognize at the very start of their operations that there are certain office supplies that are required in order to do business. Generally, people begin with business cards and letterhead, which can be easily obtained through a number of local venues. However, problems can arise and multiply as the business begins to pick up speed; as it grows, the office needs more and more materials. Suddenly there is a question: how can all the different supplies needed be produced in such a way that they create a coherent image for the company? That image needs to be polished, professional, and impressive - and ordering piecemeal from different companies does not seem to be cutting it. What's more, ordering specialty items from non-specialist vendors can create a real mess and a waste of very real money. The fact is that a business that needs to operate seamlessly and flawlessly must take the very first step in the right direction. It seems efficient to order on an "as needed" basis to save money, but often that methodology ends up costing the company too much. Rather than ordering cards from one vendor and letterhead from another, leading to varying print and paper qualities (and the corporate image suffering as a result), think carefully from the start. Make a list of all the materials the company needs to operate correctly and efficiently and order them from the same vendor, preferably a vendor that specializes in providing the kinds of materials that the company needs. Nussmeier Engraving Company has been in continuous, family-run operation since 1916 and in that time we have focused our energies on supplying successful businesses with the stationery and paper accessories they need to function smoothly and properly while simultaneously burnishing their image. Nussmeier knows that law firms require letterhead, business cards, legal folders, and covers for reports. Nussmeier knows that clubs and resorts want polished brochures, printed announcements, and the ability to print invitations to private functions, in addition to traditional letterhead. A restaurant needs table cards, business cards, and menus, while a florist may need merely letterhead, envelopes, and a selection of specialty printed gift cards. Whatever the specific needs of a business that needs top-drawer printing, Nussmeier can meet those needs. The idea is not merely to have the stationery and accessories that are needed to do business. The idea is to achieve that end but with grace and consistency. Nussmeier Engraving works with clients to determine what the desired effects are and then selects with the client a printing method and an image which is then reproduced for all the necessary materials. The end result is that letterhead, cards, promotional materials, sales literature, and brochures all present the same corporate image. Much as a company strives to provide consistently high quality to its clients, regardless of its field of endeavor, Nussmeier strives to meet and surpass its clients needs. Nussmeier has achieved these goals since 1916. Few engraving and printing companies in the United States can match this claim, and Nussmeier is proud that quality and consistency have been the keys to its success over the years.



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