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spacerA company's corporate identity, if it's successful and effective, is carried through every aspect of the company. From the actions of staff to public presentations and the materials used therein, all the way to letterhead, everything associated with a company is part of its corporate identity. It boils down to image and perception. A successful company will plan its presentation and corporate identity carefully so as to convey reliability, stability, competence, and intelligence. A company chooses a new corporate logo very carefully, because it knows that the logo will represent the company and its work for years to come. Similarly, an investment should be made in the materials on which that logo appears.
Nussmeier Engraving Company is well aware of the significance of a company's logo and its presentation. We work with companies and corporations to help them best present themselves through the highest quality corporate stationery: professional business cards, office stationery, and paper accessories all work to promote and convey corporate identity. A company's letterhead speaks volumes about the company. Nussmeier recognizes this and uses a wide range of technologies to produce their client's desired result.

Naturally, the Nussmeier Engraving Company is recognized for its skill at engraving, a printing method which is well-known for its fine quality. This is among the finest of all printing methods, and the very fact that a company has chosen to print their letterhead and paper accessories such as envelopes using engraving says a great deal about the company, its standards, and its intentions in business. This is a company that is strives for its clients and customers to provide quality services; to make long-lasting positive impressions; and to provide its clients and staff with corporate stability.

Other printing methods can be used to accentuate certain details or create different effects altogether. Foil stamping, which leaves a three-dimensional effect on paper, is impressive, as is embossed paper. Lithography (also called offset printing) can be a cost-effective means of providing impressive company letterhead. A high-quality lithographed design may meet an organizational need for everyday materials, and work to enhance and complement the engraved items used for more formal documents or presentations.

A newly formed company developing their corporate identity from scratch may need assistance with logo and accessory design. A company may be going through changes and desire a revamping of their corporate identity. A company may be merging with another organization, and need to combine their well-known and recognized corporate identity with that of the other group. Nussmeier is well equipped to come to the aid of any company in need of design consultation services. The design team at Nussmeier is attentive and, by definition, pays attention to the details that will speak volumes about a company.

Matters that can escape the attention of the busy businessman, lawyer, or executive, such as printing methods, can have a major impact on corporate identity. Nussmeier Engraving Company never loses track of those essential details. Does your company's image call out for an elegant type with conservatively designed serifs? Or is the company after a more playful, rakish image? Designers will work to help devise and create the image that provides your company with the style it needs.

A company that handles any corporate stationery ordering - even something as small as a business card order -- should also handle office stationery and whatever sorts of folders are needed, such as pocket folders, company presentation folders, or other custom folder designs to assure the client a consistent image and product. One printing company should be able to handle a client's entire portfolio of paper or letterhead needs. Building a corporate identity is a large enterprise and there are many aspects of it that one can describe as pieces of slate along a pathway: as each piece of stone is designed or cut to fit a space, a larger path grows visible, and the company moves forward to meet its goal: the end of the pathway, which in this case means having its corporate identity easily recognized and publicly acknowledged.

A business that's investing in its corporate identity needs to have their image, as it's presented on stationary or letterhead, look unified; it should present a coherent and cohesive image to its clients. If a company is serious about its image, it should be serious about its corporate letterhead.

A company working on its corporate identity, or striving to preserve or strengthen it, should always remember that its logo, the type on its letterhead, the printing methods used on the letterhead, and even the kind of paper used itself, all contribute to the identity. Nothing stands alone. Shoddy or sloppy design, poor workmanship, and low-quality paper do not add to a corporate image. When a company is investing in corporate stationery, it pays to take the investment seriously. Corporate identity and corporate stationery can be viewed as one and the same. A company should act deliberately because the clients' reactions will be a confirmation that the company's done the right thing. Start with the basics. Corporate letterhead and stationery are your corporate identity. Order them with respect and the respect will reflect back onto your company.
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