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Everything about a law firm's presentation speaks volumes about the firm and the work it does. Clients may not be conscious of this fact, but the reality is that perceptions count for a great deal. Perceptions can win or lose cases, as any trial lawyer knows, and, likewise, perceptions can win or lose clients.

Because of this, Nussmeier knows that a law firm's needs include the highest quality stationery and paper accessories.

Though many legal offices rely more and more upon email for communications between colleagues and with clients, the fact remains that many legal documents are still about what's on the paper. Documents are to be read and signed. Presentations must be made. And all of this paper not only sends the message printed on it by the attorneys, but it also sends a message in itself. Low-quality paper that feels flimsy, shoddy printing that looks cheap, and letterhead that fits awkwardly into envelopes all signify a problem. The problem is that the office was not paying attention to the details. And any attorney knows that the details are what can make or break a case. It's important to not let details like paper lose a case for an attorney who's competent, knowledgeable, and able.

Instead, any smart firm will let the firm's stationery work for it, rather than against it, by ordering and purchasing the best quality materials for the office. Quality papers with elegant, bold designs and printing methods will make a firm stand out in the best possible way.

At Nussmeier, we believe that presentation of a firm's image - proving its reliability, its integrity, its ability, and its power to work for a client - is important in everything, from large matters such as letterhead to details like business cards. Attorneys' business cards are portable advertisements, yes, that live in peoples' wallets, but they say a lot about the attorney whose name is on the card, and the partners whose name are the name of the firm. A flimsy card doesn't speak well about the firm's abilities. Better to invest in something substantial that conveys a substantial message.

Likewise, an attorney's letterhead should inspire faith on the part of the client reading materials printed on it. Custom engraved legal stationery lets the client feel that he has retained the services of a firm that is there for him no matter what. A law firm's promotional brochure packet, business cards, and stationery (letterhead and envelopes) should all work together to assure prospective and current clients that the firm is prepared to handle the matters at hand, as well as legal concerns that may arise in the future. A client who comes to a firm seeking assistance with a simple house closing procedure may well become the client who relies on that same firm for other family-related matters - wills, trusts, or pre-marital agreements. When a client comes to a firm and stays with a firm, then a good relationship has been formed - and that benefits all parties concerned.

The design of your professional stationery and business cards is important. A firm will generally prefer to lean toward a dignified image that shows professionalism and diligence. That does not have to be the same as being stodgy and visually uninteresting. Nussmeier maintains a team of sophisticated and perceptive designers who can speak to representatives of a firm and discern and establish the messages that the firm wants to emanate from their stationery. Custom designed legal stationery is within the budgets of most firms and pays off tremendously in terms of impact with clients. Certainly one can purchase legal stationery from less-specialized operations but the benefits of turning toward and printing and design company that specializes in custom lawyers' stationery is that one is able to communicate efficiently with staff that already understands one's needs from the first conversation. This is not merely a nicety, but for many firms it is a vital timesaver, if not an actual necessity. A law firm understands that time is money, and Nussmeier understands that as well. When a firm or a single-attorney practice chooses to engage Nussmeier to handle their legal stationery needs, they've made a wise decision - much as their clients have made a wise decision by retaining their legal services.

As a client has faith in his attorney, law firms across the country have faith in Nussmeier's ability to serve them with the engraved stationery, business cards, and legal folder materials that they need to work effectively.



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