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A well-organized, attractive office is important: the client finds it appealing and reassuring. Your clients need to know that you're on top of the matters at hand. You make sure that the details are perfect and that no contingency is unaddressed. You prove yourself to be more than competent every day. From the big picture to the small details, you're confident in what you're doing. You make sure your tie is perfectly knotted before your meetings, and you make sure your paperwork is impeccable, too.

For nearly a hundred years, Nussmeier has designed and printed fine-quality paper products for offices and firms that require the best. Firms in demanding areas, such as law, know that organization is key. Organized paperwork will help you and your clients to clarify your thoughts and plans. Presentations will then be more persuasive, and your work will be most effective. The Nussmeier Engraving Company has dedicated itself to assisting professionals present their plans and arguments effectively. Nussmeier focuses on the paper so you can focus on what goes on the paper.

Pocket folders, which seem like a small detail in the overall scheme of an office's supply system, can make a big impression on a client. When presenting paperwork to a client or colleague, you want it to be organized, neat, and sharp. Wrinkled, flimsy paper from the local office supply store just won't cut it, and you know that, so you invest in handsome letterhead.

Likewise, a well-designed and carefully manufactured pocket folder, sized for standard business or legal paper, goes a long way in this regard. The Nussmeier Engraving Company can assist you in creating a pocket folder that captures the image your company wants to present. Different print methods can be utilized to varying effects; we can work with you to design entirely new graphics that make an impression. Your paperwork will always appear as well-thought out and executed as your arguments.

A pocket folder can be designed to hold a number of different kinds of information in good order. The sleeves can be cut to hold different sizes of paper. The pockets can be die-cut so that business cards are kept within easy sight, in neat slots, while handling paperwork. A die-cut slot for labels in the front of a pocket folder can help office staff keep track of different projects. And of course, color-coding possibilities are endless with pocket folders.

Whether you want an elegant design embossed on the front of your pocket folders or prefer a simple, classic engraved design, Nussmeier Engraving can help you look your best whenever you're on the job. The fact is, sending and storing information electronically is all well and good, but at the end of the day, in many professions, what matters is the piece of paper where you sign on the dotted line. That dotted line, and the paper it's printed on, is where Nussmeier comes in.



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