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spacerNussmeier Engraving Company has been producing fine stationery products since 1916. We have the capabilities to blend the best of new technologies and old world craftsmanship for a truly superior product. Depending on the design, the product and your budget, we can match the right process or blend of processes to reach your desired effect. Being able to do all of the processes in house allows us total control over both quality and service. Below is a list of our process capabilities and a brief overview of each.


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Designing - A good design is absolutely critical to creating a successful identity program. Many times, customers who contact us have a wonderful design that merely needs to be enhanced by a better process. Other times, customers require a whole new identity program. Whether you require a whole new look or just your current design refined a little, Nussmeier's award winning design department is available for you.

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Engraving - For centuries, engraving's unique embossed appearance and feel has been considered the process of choice for conveying the highest level of professionalism and good taste. Engraving means the ink is actually stamped with a metal plate or die onto the paper. The raised area is created from the paper molding to the shape of the image and the ink build up. Engraving has the legendary ability to reproduce fine lines and rich opaque colors. These characteristics have earned it the reputation of the best and most impressive process.

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Foil Stamping - This specialty process applies a smooth foil or pigment coating to paper using a die, heat and pressure. These dynamic images can be in metallic, dull, colored or holographic foils. These images can also be further enhanced by embossing the foil to give a three dimensional look.

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Embossing or Debossing - This is a process using a metal die and pressure to mold and reshape paper into a three dimensional shape creating an elegant, understated, yet distinctive impression. This process can also be applied in conjunction with engraving, printing and foil processes to further enhance them.

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Lithography - (Also referred to as offset printing) This is an economical flat printing process that is often used on secondary items where the appearance is not as critical.

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Die Cutting - A process using a steel rule cutting edge and pressure to cut paper into customized shapes.

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