Nussmeier Engraving & Printing is a third generation family business that has earned a reputation for the highest quality products. We have won hundreds of awards throughout our over 100 years in business. Among the more prestigious are the Best of Show Award, Benny Award, and The Cronite Cup. We have the reputation in our industry as being a premium quality company that demands the best from each of our processes.


International Engraved Graphics Association's Best of Show Award is awarded annually for the best engraved item. Since this honor is awarded by our peers, it is equal to getting an Oscar for Best Picture in the Engraved Industry. Nussmeier has received this award 10 times since 1985, 4 of these wins have been in the last 7 years.


Cronite, a global producer and distributor of engraving equipment and supplies, established The Cronite Cup in 1952 for The Most Excellent Letterhead of the Year. The prize, a large Mexican silver bowl, travels from winning company to winning company until it has been won three times by a single company. At that point, The Cronite Cup is permanently retired to that particular company. By 1965, Nussmeier had retired two cups. Then Cronite changed the rules so that 5 wins by one company were required before that company could retain the cup permanently. By 1992, Nussmeier earned the rights to the third cup, and by 2004, were the permanent owner of the fourth Cronite Cup. We are the only company to have retired a Cronite Cup in the United States. We have also won it more times than any other company who has ever entered the contest, winning it 20 times since the contest's inception.


The Printing Industries of America (PIA) Premier Print Award is the largest graphics competition. All types of printing, foil stamping, and specialty processes compete for the coveted awards. Nussmeier has won the annual Best of Category Benny Award 5 out of the 7 times that we have entered the contest. The award is a 10 inch statue of Benjamin Franklin, who is the graphic arts patron saint.

Black and White Photo; founders Oscar and Harry Nussmeier with Oscar's sons, Jim and Louie Nussmeier
Color Photo; Jim Nussmeier with son, David Nussmeier and Louie Nussmeier with son, Steve Nussmeier

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